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The education model used in many classrooms across our country can find its roots in the 20th century-in which students, organized by age, move at the same time and pace through their learning experience. Yet after decades of research and experiences in the K-12 classroom, coupled with a world where technologies have transformed the opportunities available to us, this system no longer makes much sense. Competency-based education transforms this traditional model. It shifts the focus of learning from time to mastery, from purely summative assessments to formative experiences and most important, creates personalized pathways for each student to move at their own pace and ability to meet their learning needs.

As states and districts across the nation move toward competency-based education (CBE), however, there is a growing realization of the complexity of this work. While technology is not the answer in and of itself to support a move towards CBE implementation, it has emerged as an important enabler in concert with the right conditions. With this in mind, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) has partnered with 2Revolutions, a national education design lab, to develop a roadmap that explores a readiness progression in the key areas of Technology, Technology Policy, and Conditions for Implementation. The tool moves across a continuum from entry to transforming, and also shares examples from the field as illustrations of how next generation technologies are supporting the work within existing school models. Roadmap Mini

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It is our hope that this resource helps state and district leadership better pinpoint where they are and what is necessary to strengthen efforts to progress toward competency-based transformation. To utilize the tool, we have created two rich pathways. The first is a user pathway designed with three audiences in mind: district/school leadership, state leadership and technology leadership at both district and state levels.

The second is the additional resources pathway, which highlights collections of resources within the tool letting you quickly drill down as needed. Both pathways were designed for a flexible and personal experience allowing you, the user, to navigate the roadmap in whichever option fits your needs best.

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